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Exercises assess and validate the speed, effectiveness and efficiency of capabilities, and test the adequacy of policies, plans, procedures, and protocols in a risk-free environment. Aside from actual events, they provide the best means of evaluating the organization's capabilities.

The Multi-Year Training and Exercise Schedule, usually developed at an annual Training and Exercise Plan Workshop (T&EPW), is the cornerstone of a robust and comprehensive resliency to emergencies. By scheduling complementing Training activities that gradually increase in complexity, the Multi-Year Training and Exercise Schedule systematically builds and enhances an organization’s capabilities.

The team at Ally has extensive experience in the design, preparation and conduct of exercises ranging in complexity and scope from relatively straight forward Drills and Tabletop Exercises, through to complex and challenging Functional and Full-scale Exercises.

Exercises are often overlooked once a plan has been developed and finalized. This is fraught with risk as a plan that has not been exercised cannot be validated, may be irrelivant or, at worst, potentially dangerous. As an essential component of the Emergency Prepared Cycle, outcomes and findings from exercises contribute to the updating and refining of the plans - and the Cycle starts again.

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